Strategic Marketing Consultancy in Arabian Gulf
Key Attributes of ISBC

- a focused marketing based, business
  to business, consultancy
- manufacturing industry focus
- 90 consultant years accumulated
  experience in the GCC (Saudi Arabia,
  UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar)
- longevity - 20 years since its
  Riyadh start-up
- multi product assimilation
- our focus on primary (face-to-face)
  field research and competitive

Our product mix includes studies on:

- country product markets
- country attractiveness comparisons
- company centred strategic market
  analysis and planning
- marketing due diligence in support
  of IPOs/M&A
- market studies to SIDF/bankable
  document standard

Our clients are blue chip, active in all major end-user markets.
Client listings and details of relevant studies carried out are supplied with ISBC's proposals

The Way Forward

Tell us what you are trying to achieve, or ideally, send us your terms of reference for your project.
All enquiries are treated in confidence.
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
+973 16010265
Address :
P O Box 54046
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